What is a Lutheran?



As Lutheran Christians we are fully committed to the threefold foundation of the Reformation: grace alone - faith alone - Scripture alone. We believe, teach and confess that salvation is ours by the grace of God, which is his undeserved mercy, through faith in Jesus Christ, as taught in the Word of God. We hold to the Bible as the completely true and inspired Word of God, the only true source and authority for Christian faith and life.

Our congregation:
  • is a member of the Wisconsin Ev. Lutheran Synod (WELS)
    The WELS is a Christ-preaching, Bible-believing, people-serving church. As Lutherans we trace our roots back to the Reformation of the 16th century. More appropriately, as Lutheran Christians, we trace our roots back to the time of Jesus Christ, for we believe and teach what Jesus taught his apostles to teach. We are called the Wisconsin Synod because our church body was organized in the state of Wisconsin in 1850.
  • is a member of the Arizona-California District of the WELS
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  • Here is a link to a brief history of the Reformation which was prepared by two members of PVELC and presented during our Reformation service on 10/28/2012.