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02-22-2015 How Much Do You Love Me?
02-15-2015 What a Way to Go - On a Chariot of Fire!

01-25-2015 God's Time for Our Time
01-04-2015 No One Knows the Day nor the Hour of the End

12-21-2014 The Lord Almighty Builds Our House
12-14-2014 God's Activity Advice for Advent and Always

11-30-2014 You Can Depend on God's Grace
11-27-2014 Good Advice for God's Grateful Children
11-16-2014 Be Ready For Your Lord's Return!
11-09-2014 The Ancient of Days Takes His Throne
11-02-2014 Our God Is A Mighty Fortress

10-26-2014 Our Citizenship Is In Heaven
10-19-2014 Actions Speak Louder Than Words
10-05-2014 We Don't Have To Live In Spite House

09-28-2014 Christian Citizens Pay All Their Debts
09-21-2014 Offer God A Living Sacrifice - Yourself
09-14-2014 To God Be The Glory!
09-07-2014 You Have Great Faith!

08-31-2014 Why Did You Doubt?
08-17-2014 God's Love Is A Forever Love
08-03-2014 God's Grace Points Me To Heaven

07-27-2014 Only Jesus Can Give Us True Rest
07-20-2014 Christians: Wanted Alive And Dead

06-22-2014 Hold on Tightly to God's Word
06-08-2014 The Advocate We Need

05-25-2014 We Are God's People
05-18-2014 The Success of a Sermon that Failed
05-11-2014 Live Through Unjust Suffering

04-20-2014 The Garden of Glory
04-13-2014 The Cross is the Way to Glory

03-26-2014 Christ is the World's Light
03-09-2014 The Lord's Wonder Drug For Our Soul
03-02-2014 A Tale of Two Mountains

02-16-2014 Are You Wise if You Know the Spirit's Secrets?
02-09-2014 Show Us The Way To Be Saved
02-02-2014 What If God Took Us To Court?

01-26-2014 Light at the End of the Tunnel
01-19-2014 Epiphany Revelations About Jesus
01-12-2014 God's Servant Chosen to Save

12-15-2013 Lord, Give Us Patience To Wait!
12-08-2013 Our Overwhelming Advent Hope
12-01-2013 God's Promise of World Peace

11-10-2013 Because of Jesus, Keep on Praying - Never Give up!

10-27-2013 A Christian View of Death
10-06-2013 The Right(eous) One

09-29-2013 Beware of Spiritual Complacency
09-22-2013 God Wants Everyone To Be Saved
09-15-2013 Rejoicing Over Repentance
09-08-2013 Forgive and Forget
09-01-2013 Humble Yourself Before Your King

08-25-2013 God Makes the Improbable Happen in His Church
08-18-2013 God's Word is Fire and a Hammer
08-11-2013 Christian Faith Is Not "Blind"
08-04-2013 A Brand New You

07-28-2013 To What Kind of God Do We Pray?