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Sunday Adult Bible Class

 Leader: Pastor Schulz
Fellowship Hall

Meeting Day(s): Sundays
Meeting Time: 10:30 AM


"JACOB:  He Wrestled with God"

Sundays @ 10:30 AM in the fellowship hall

        Jacob was destined for greatness. He carried the seed of the world’s Savior. But the birthright that held God’s promise belonged  to his twin brother. So Jacob deceived his father into giving him the birthright.  When the deception was discovered, the family was shattered.  Years later an older, wiser Jacob found himself wrestling with God. Sensing a spiritual  opportunity, he demanded a blessing. His persistence was rewarded with a new name:  Israel, which means “he wrestles with God.”
     Like Jacob, Christians today struggle with sin. Still God remains faithful to his promise. Just as Jacob had to trust God for guidance, Christians must know that God works for their good out of grace and mercy.
Lesson 1 —  Isaac and Rebekah
Lesson 2 —  Jacob gets Isaac’s blessing
Lesson 3 —  Jacob finds a wife; God
                      begins to discipline Jacob
Lesson 4 —  Jacob returns to Canaan
Lesson 5 —  Jacob meets Esau
Notes will be distributed free of charge in class

  • The People’s Bible commentary on Genesis by Professor John Jeske would be helpful in preparing the lessons, but is not necessary. You are encouraged to bring it to class if you own a copy. 
  • God's People Book by Pastor Michael Woldt is available for purchase ($2).