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MidWeek Bible Class

 Leader: Pastor Schulz
Fellowship Hall

Meeting Day(s): Wednesdays
Meeting Time: 6:30 PM






Wednesday 6:30 PM in the fellowship hall

"Angels & Demons:  Ministers of God vs. Servants of Satan"

          Resumes Wednesday,
      April 11th (6:30 PM)
     (in the fellowship hall)

                                            o  The Creation of the Angels                              o  A Look at the Occult
                                            o  The Ministry of the Angels                              o  Witchcraft and Spiritism
                                            o  The Angel of the LORD                                   o  Demon Possession
                                            o  The Fall of the Evil Angels                               o  Satanism
                                                                              o Jesus’ Victory Over the Devil

     Good verses evil. This conflict has been part of the universe ever since Satan rebelled against God, and it only intensified with the fall into sin. This struggle is evident in the material world in which we live. It is also waged in the spiritual world.
     Although the forces are strong and the fighting is fierce, good will eventually win. That victory God predicted in Eden and a truth Jesus impressed on His disciples. He assured them that the gates of hell will not overcome His church (Mt 16:18).
     We want to remember this truth as we enter the world of angels and demons. As with any war, the scenes will get ugly at times. Yet good will prevail over evil. For this isn’t just a war between angels and demons, but between God and Satan. It’s a war that Jesus fought — and won — on the cross when He proclaimed His victory:  “It is finished!” (Jn 19:30).