Join Us!


Sunday morning worship: 9:00 am

Sunday Bible Class: 10:30 am

Sunday School: 10:30 am



What to Expect


Visiting a new church can be intimidating. So let us try to take the edge off a bit.


We worship in what most would call a traditional style. On a typical Sunday you’ll hear the organ, but occasionally we’ll have a trumpet or piano in worship as well. We sing hymns together, pray together, and listen to God’s Word together. The Word is the true focal point of the service, which is why we spend the largest portion of the service letting God speak to us. The main way this is done is through the sermon, where Pastor will unfold a portion of the Bible as we explore what God is saying to us that morning.


Feel free to dress in whatever way you’re going to feel most comfortable. You’ll see some people wearing ties and dresses, and other in jeans or shorts. What we wear is far less important than gathering together around God’s Word!